Amara Baapu Chintana

If there is any country for which Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals are highly relevant, it is India, his motherland. Nevertheless we see a gradual decline in the awareness and spread of his principles, messages and life-story in our own country, particularly among the youth who should have been in the forefront among his followers.

Our Mission

To spread and propagate Gandhian thoughts, ideology, messages through our publication so as to keep the youth engaged with Mahatma Gandhi and his way of life.

Our Vision

To be pioneers in propagating Gandhian thoughts, ideals, messages and principles and thereby act as purveyors of change in the life-style, attitude and orientations of the youth in India.


Honesty, integrity, morality, probity, discipline, transparency, non-violence, peace and any other values that were close to Mahatma Gandhi are the ones we cherish most.

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