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Amara Baapu Chintana, having its Registered office at Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru, Karnataka is an endeavour to propagate and popularize Gandhian thoughts among the Indians in general and youth in particular. A bilingual
Bi- Monthly magazine, Amara Baapu Chintana, published since five years, covers topics dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology in the form of articles, discourses, interviews, anecdotes, reports including poems and stories and is circulated to subscribed readers/ eminent personalities of different walks of life & several educational institutions and public libraries.

'Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi’

Mahatma Gandhi – the father of our nation was a great statesman, thinker and a visionary. Gandhi was, in essence, a rishi-cum-saint. To perpetuate the Gandhian philosophy, to enlighten the future generation about the phenomenon known as Gandhi, our great leaders of independent India formed an entity – Gandhi Smarak Nidhi – under the stewardship of Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India.

Mahatma’s ties with Karnataka are extraordinary. He visited the State many times and during his visits to Bangalore, he used to stay in the Kumara Krupa. Having contributed its mite in spreading the ideology of Mahatma, the Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi, has been sowing the seeds of Gandhian thoughts among the minds of people for the last 6 decades, especially among the youth. It has waged an organized war in eradicating the social evils of alcoholism, superstition etc and has successfully spread the message of Khadi that was Mahatma’s greatest passion.

The name of Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi is now synonymous with another silent revolution which is now gaining strength in the State. The Government and the general public have stood together with Gandhi Bhavan (Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi) in its dodged fight against social evils and its daunting task of spreading the thoughts of Gandhi. The activities of Gandhi Bhavan bear ample testimony to its single minded devotion in this direction.

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